About Steve Satterwhite

Steve is…

…a lifelong entrepreneur - a futurist, promoter and financier in the worlds of television, real estate and recreation. Mr. Stephen B. Satterwhite has foreseen multiple business trends and opportunities for over four decades. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Times, The San Francisco Examiner, The Democrat and Chronicle, The Buffalo News, View Magazine For Television, Scripps Howard News, The Seattle Journal of Commerce, United Press International, Insight Magazine, NBC National News, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kansas City Business Journal and Newsweek Magazine.

He has won numerous national and international awards for advertising, mass marketing and promotion from: Air Time International for #1 Best Promotion of "The Unknown War" featuring secret film footage of the war in Russia during World War Two, the National Best Promotion Award from Malrite Communications Group, the Number One National Award For On Air Promotion from INTV, the Association of Independent Television Stations and The National Silver Award for the promotion of the ABC television network primetime special "Roots, The Next Generation".

During his Masters Program in Communications at Boston University in 1972 he foresaw the blending of television, telephone, the music industry, movies and computer technology into what he then referred to as "the communications wall" that would eventually appear in every living room in the world. During the 70's and 80's he was one if the leading television promoters in America. When President Ronald Reagan deregulated the broadcasting industry in 1984 he was a leader in the creation of commercial programming policy changes at ABC, NBC and CBS creating millions in new revenue. In the decades of the 90's and this new century he foresaw and promoted the creation of the indoor water park industry in America.

The best is yet to come. Mr. Satterwhite has spent the past decade devoted to the future of aviation in his lifelong quest to create the most incredible mass promotion concept of his lifetime - the design, construction and first flight of "The World's First Flying Saucer" based on an existing method of flight and propulsion, with experimental craft having already flown to over 20,000 feet. He knows it is now time to combine two worlds - the world where most investment in technological innovation comes from, the military, with the world of entertainment to build a machine that will stun the world...the world's first flying saucer.

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