F.A.Q. With Answers

  1. How Much Will the Construction of "The Worlds First Flying Saucer" Cost?

    It depends upon multiple factors such as how will this be used? Will this become a movie and ad campaign or a promotion? Will it travel or have a home base?

  2. Will it be Able to Carry People?

    Yes. It will be able to carry a crew and passengers.

  3. How Far Will it be Able to Fly?

    Intercontinental. Around the world.

  4. Can You Get Permission from the FAA to Fly Over American Cities?

    The concept has already flown over American cities.

  5. What is to Stop it From Being Shot Down?

    It will be approved for flight prior to liftoff.

  6. Will We be Able to Buy Tickets for a Ride?


  7. Will You Build More Than One Aircraft?


  8. Do You Plan on Flying to Many Countries?



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