History of the Plan

Where it All Came From…

What you about to see is comparable to the evolution of other means of transportation. In the beginning when man first discovered the wheel this evolved into the two wheel wagon pulled by a horse, which evolved into the four wheel wagon, which evolved into the invention of the automobile. The evolution took place over a long period of time.

The same is true in the world of aviation. With the Wright brothers the invention of a simple plane created a new industry from the biplane to the commercial airliner to supersonic jets to landing on the moon and space exploration. From the first flight of the helicopter over a stadium in Germany to the mass production of helicopters it has been transformed into a life saving, sightseeing and fighting machine.

We have studied both of these types of aviation and they are not applicable to the construction of "The World's First Flying Saucer" for multiple reasons. "The World's First Flying Saucer" will be enormous, it will be able to have both horizontal thrust and vertical lift, it should be able to carry tons of cargo and passengers and it should be able to land in a precise area such as a stadium.

The airship world has now evolved to the stage where we believe "The World's First Flying Saucer" can be designed, built and successfully flown to anywhere in the world. The primary purpose of this aircraft is to entertain millions of people everywhere, to challenge the innovation of the brightest minds in the airship industry, to create a machine that will simply stun the world. An aircraft like this has never been built in the history of the world.

There are multiple categories in this industry from non- rigid, to semi-rigid to rigid in design. The non-rigid or semi-rigid airships or blimps such as the Goodyear Blimp are not applicable for there is little heavy lift or control capabilities. In addition, "The Worlds First Flying Saucer" will make the blimp look like a Model T Ford in comparison to a Maserati. "The World's First Flying Saucer" will dominate the sky and the design will incorporate the most futuristic special effects imaginable that will simply take the breath out of every person who sees it.

One of the first rigid airships was the British Luxury liner, the R101. At 777 feet the airship was designed to carry 52 passengers and unfortunately crashed in 1930 in France due to a skin that absorbed water, among other design flaws. The most famous rigid airship was the German Hindenburg that burned in a horrific crash in 1937 in the United States.

There are multiple theories as to why this happened, including the use of flammable hydrogen and exterior paint, to a hidden bomb placed under the wing. The airship industry now uses non flammable helium and the skin is made from spaceflight material. The technology has moved light-years into the future. It will be a safe industry.

Airship companies in many nations have been created in the last couple of decades around the world for many reasons, including their desire to build surveillance for warfare and for heavy lift capabilities to enable the transport of material to inaccessible locations. It has become financially feasible to airlift this equipment over land rather than to require the building of roads and land infrastructure. The airships also have the capability of staying aloft for many weeks unlike fixed wing aircraft.

What you are about to see is not necessarily just the past history, but the present and future history that is being developed today and is about to be written for tomorrow. Take a look at the following airship companies and see what is being accomplished and you will understand our excitement. We are on the verge of something truly remarkable, the evolution of the airship industry into the world of entertainment.

We believe that we will be able to work with these brilliant aerospace engineers along with the best special effects companies in the world, towards creating the most enchanting development imaginable - as the world of entertainment and the world of aviation come together to create the design, the construction and the first flight of "The World's First Flying Saucer". The time is now upon us.

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